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 Castillo B.


"These images transcend from the tangible to the abstract, often inferring sublime spiritual references".

                                 Juan Angel Castillo


Castillo B. is one of Baja California's most prominent artists and a master of pictorial techniques.  His Seascapes, landscapes and pastorals, depicting the breath-taking and untamed beauty of Baja are masterpieces and have established him as a representational artist of extraordinary power.  Equally compelling and eloquent are his paintings, sketches and collages of objects, persons and saints.  These images, in which he combines free brush strokes with charcoal/pencil lines in a bravura play of mixed media, transcend from the tangible to the abstract, often inferring sublime spiritual references.

Juan Angel Castillo B. born in Chalchiuite, Zacatecas, in 1949, is a painter since 1965. His family immigrated to Tijuana, Baja California when Juan Angel was still a young boy where he started painting at the tender age of 6.

Self-taught, he has received numerous honors including 4th place in an international competition sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation where he was one of 26 artist selected from a group of 3,000.  His work was shown in numerous one-man exhibitions at private and public institutions in Mexico and the USA, and published in: Art and Antiques, Latin American Art Magazine; Los Angeles Times; Voces y Reflejos; Las Rutas de La Luz - El Paisaje de Baja California; Tijuana Today Magazine and Tierra Adentro.

Castillo B. now resides in Rosarito Baja California, he is married and has two daughters, each young lady has already exhibited their own talent.

Art critics from the U.S. and Mexico  praise Castillo as the most important Mexican landscape artist of his generation.  Recently Castillo was invited to participate in a seminar of Art and Ecology, co-sponsored by the Getty Museum and the University of California, Northridge.

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