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About Rodo

My People

I sincerely hope that when you look at these figures you will see and feel a little of the unique joy of my town and my people.  The many individual characters that are the life of my town are "my people".

Their humbleness, humor and strength enrich my life and give their magic touch to our streets and markets.  This series was inspired by my desire to examine the interior beauty of my people and express it through my art.

A Magnificant Process

The process begins with a feeling, an inspiration.  I then choose the clay and make a mixture of earth and water that will be most appropriate as an instrument of expression to bring the image to life. The physical process continues by choosing a slow drying process, integrating the sun, wind and moisture in the air.  The final touch - fire - is the third element of nature whose presence results in the final appearance of the piece and completes the creative process. Interacting with these elements makes me feel at one with the finished pieces, enriches my life and brings me closer to god.

Rodo signature red.png

About Rodo Padilla
Rodo Padilla is one of Mexico's most recognized artisan-sculptors working in stoneware, high temperature ceramics.  Some of his pieces are also made in bronze and are highly valued by collectors.

Rodo Padilla is proud to be from Tlaquepaque, in the state of Jalisco, México and to have been able to live and work with the ceramic artisans in his father's workshop. After graduating as an Industrial Engineer he was able to pursue ceramic studies in Japan, Italy and Argentina. He continues to lend his technical expertise to the expanded family business but for many years has been able to devote his time to create the original designs that have made him one of the most recognized artisan-sculptors in Mexico. 

In 1992 he began to exhibit in solo exhibitions and that same year he was awarded FIRST PLACE forsculpture  in the National Ceramic Awards. Among other awards recognizing his work he again won FIRST PLACE for sculpture in the 2000 National Ceramic Awards.

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